Leading a walk

Without members volunteering to lead walks, there would be no Met Walkers, so please consider contributing by submitting a walk for the next programme!

Completing the walks form

To submit a walk, please complete our walks form with the following information:

  • walkform smallName
  • Phone number (this will be published on walks finder so walkers can contact you)
  • Email (for walk coordinator to use only)
  • Proposed walk date
  • Type of walk - weekend (this includes bank holidays) or weekday walk
  • Walk title (can be as simple as the start to finish points)
  • Start time (please check train times so start time is coordinated)
  • Start point (when using a station with various exits please consider specifying the exit to prevent confusion)
  • Finish point
  • Distance (this does not need to be exact so do not worry if you have not recce'd the walk to confirm at the time of submission)
  • Terrain (hills, woodland, parks, riverside, etc)
  • Walk grade (leisurely/moderate/strenuous – pick the one you feel is most appropriate to the length of walk and the pace you plan to set)
  • Travel instructions (weekend walks only – train times and required tickets)
  • Notes (a brief description of what the walk has to offer and any additional information useful for those planning on attending, such as bring a packed lunch, pub stop(s) etc)
  • Note to walks coordinators (just there in case there is further information you want to provide; some use this to provide alternative dates)

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