Do I need to book?

There's no need to book or contact the walk leader in advance. Just turn up at the stated time and meeting place. We are easy to spot - look for a bunch of people in walking boots. If you don't see us, hop on the train and we'll meet up at the destination station. For evening strolls, look for a big group of people in their work clothes outside the designated tube station.

Do I have to pay?

You're welcome to come on up to three walks for free to try us out. The group is always keen to encourage new members and there are usually several people on each walk who haven't been before. After a few walks, we ask that you become a member of the Ramblers.

Where do you walk?

Our walks take place in the capital and anywhere within a 1-2 hour train ride of London. All of our walks are accessible by public transport so they generally start and finish at a rail or tube station. The walk description will specify which train to catch and what ticket to buy.

How long are your walks?

Our walks are graded as leisurely, moderate or strenuous. If you are new to walking we suggest that you start with our shorter, leisurely walks, on flat terrain or with drop-out points. You can work your way up to the more strenuous walks.

  • Leisurely
    Any walk up to around 10 miles where the terrain is relatively easy-going and the pace of the walk is likely to be relaxed. This grading should not be applied to longer walks as they will by definition of their length be more demanding.
  • Moderate
    Any walk up to around 16-17 miles (but also including shorter walks, including evening ones) where the terrain may be undulating and a generally good pace will be kept up. It is possible to add the note that the pace is 'moderate to fast' which will imply that the walk may be somewhere in between moderate and strenuous.
  • Strenuous
    Any walk over 11-12 miles where the terrain is likely to be more challenging and/or the length is at the upper end of the scale. This should generally be applied to any walks longer than 16-17 miles. This can also be used where the pace is likely to be fast throughout even though the walk may be relatively flat.

What should I bring?

Bring a packed lunch and enough water for the day. In the summer, it's a good idea to bring sun cream, sunglasses and a hat. In the winter you may like to bring gloves and a warm hat.

What should I wear?

Trainers should be fine for shorter walks, though it can be muddy. For longer walks, we recommend walking trainers or walking boots. Walking boots are best for hills and mountainous areas. Also, bring waterproof clothing and an extra layer of clothing such as a fleece in case the weather changes for the worse. For urban evening strolls, most of our members just wear work shoes.