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Christmas party - Thursday 6 December

By: MW committee

We know this is a key Christmas season event for our members so we are giving you plenty of notice to make yourselves available for this year’s Met Walkers Xmas Party.

The date is Thursday 6 December and the venue is The Miller, London Bridge.

The Miller is one of London's most vibrant and fun pubs. The bar hosts a huge range of locally brewed beers and ciders and food is provided by Bunsmiths who have an exceptional reputation for serving the finest burgers. We have a dedicated room in the pub for our party which has a free to use fusball table and we can play our own music through a phone or laptop!

If you fancy yourself as a DJ then get in touch (by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and you can play a playlist of your choice for an hour at the party! We will have 6 hours to fill so there is space for lots of DJs and all your top tunes!

Xmas party